It doesn't matter if you grew up surrounded by tall pines or tall skylines, we believe everyone has a connection to nature that needs to be explored. When we set out to create the Nats Mountain Experience, we were motivated by the Mountain we call home and a deep passion for connecting people to their own place of wonder and reflection. We call this: Finding Your Mountain.

Our Mountain is Nats Mountain, located in the quiet town of Epsom, New Hampshire. At 1,168 feet tall, it's not a big mountain in size. Its ability to quiet the mind, inspire creativity and calm the soul is, however, immeasurable.

We are fourth generation caretakers of Nats Mountain. Preserving the Mountain and its surrounding land is our guiding light. So, for as much as we work to preserve this Mountain, we are forever in debt to the Mountain for the lifestyle it has provided.

Get out there, and if you can't find a mountain like us, find a place to call your own "Mountain" and have an adventure.

See you on the Mountain and enjoy the journey,

Sara & Matt